We cater to individual as well as corporate clients.

My personal doctor

There are times when we wish for a personal doctor whom we could ask anything; without any embarrassment. We wish to share, confess, seek help or solace!

Someone who could guide us, whatever the problem; someone who will understand our fears, our concerns and someone who will maintain anonymity and promise confidentiality!

Now, we can! With, we finally have our PERSONAL DOCTOR! Absolute confidentiality! No name or e-mail ID required!

Heal positive

Heal Positive is the e-health division of CMHS that offer your own virtual clinician and medical tourism with a focus of Sustainable Quality.

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C M Health Media

CM Health Media is a subsidiary of CM Health Solutions aiming to provide innovative, authentic, relevant and ethical medical content for mass consumption since 2000.

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A team of doctors offer you wellness & preventive services. A numerical quotient of your wellness status and your common queries answered. Learn more...